It's Official!! Nebraska Secretary of State approved Medical Cannabis Amendment for the Ballot.

It’s Official! The Secretary of State has confirmed Medical Cannabis will be on the ballot in Nebraska! We can now vote to approve a constitutional amendment that will allow Nebraskans to legally access, possess and grow plant medicine.

This is a HUGE moment, but the fight is not over. It is now more important than ever to REGISTER TO VOTE and turn out on November 3rd and approve this amendment with a resounding YES to send a message that we are long overdue to allow Nebraskans the relief and healthcare they deserve. Please share the info, and encourage your friends and families to vote YES Nov. 3rd. Our time is Now!!

We will be up against a well-funded opposition and we need your help. Please consider contributing to this movement to help us get this over the finish line! We are less than 70 days from this momentous vote and we must all work together to finally make this dream a reality for Nebraskans who need it!

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